Empowering women and children mentally, physically, and spiritually


/əmˈpouərmənt/ noun

1. authority or power given to someone to do something.

“individuals are given empowerment to create their own”
the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.
” steps for the empowerment of women”

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Discover the Secrets to Living a Fuller, More Rewarding Life

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to your full potential? That there’s a better, more fulfilled version of yourself just out of reach? You’re not alone. Many of us go through life feeling like we’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Grab your copy of “Becoming Better You” today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

I help parents, children, and families move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to reaching their highest potential.

I’m Lori,

an Adult Chair® Certified Coach and tutor helping you and your children overcome many different life challenges. Whether you’re a single mom who feels alone, a woman who wants to shift out of anxiety, overwhelm, and loneliness, or the parent of a child working to reach their full potential, I teach foundational tools and life skills centered on emotional awareness and a healthy approach to life. Are you ready to step into your personal power intellectually, mentally, physically, and spiritually?

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Designed to help you reconnect with your energy.

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This free audio provides a guided experience to bring your focus inward and tap into your inner resources.

Through this meditation, you will be guided to release any tension or stress, and to replenish your energy levels.

Take a few moments to find a quiet and comfortable space, and allow yourself to fully immerse in this audio meditation. This is a true gift to SELF

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The Adult Chair is like a readily available manual for a lifetime. It is one of the most powerful tools that can help you navigate your day-to-day life. It gives you the self-confidence that it takes to help you feel empowered and the actionable tools to take that next step forward. Through the Adult Chair, you will better understand how all your life experiences have shaped you, give a voice to the different parts of who you are, gain greater self-awareness, and respond to life in a healthy way.

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It’s time to start living the life you want!

Lori Morgan brought pause to my world and reflection to my truth allowing me to collectively see the magnitude of my reality relating to what I had endured as well as accomplished. Her gentleness calmed my spirit while her validation encouraged my adult.


I would absolutely recommend Lori! She creates a peaceful, safe space to explore your feelings. Together we discussed the issue that I was dealing with, uncovered the root concern and moved me closer to my goal. It was a great session.


Lori provided comfort and insight as a coach. I would recommend Lori to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, insightful coach. She provided me with tools I could use after the session which have been very effective!


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